Patrick Sharp – Prolific, Handsome, Humorous & Blackhawk for a while!

Chicago, IL — Now it is no secret to anyone who follows sports in Chicago, that THE best professional sports team General Manager in Chicago is Stan Bowman and he just solidified this status some more this week with the contract extension that he just inked with forward Patrick Sharp.  Bowman grabbed our attention when he signed Keith, Kane & Toews all in one fell swoop in his first attempt to solidify the Hawks Core.  He really impressed when he mid-season penned talented D-man Seabsy to a long-term deal but now he has blown us out of the stratosphere with the Sharpie signing an entire year before his contract was to expire –  applauds all around for Mr. Bowman securing a young, talented team for years to come and securing a fan base as well.  As long as the core Blackhawks are in Chicago you can rest assured that the United Center will be sold out every game.

Oh happy days are in Chicago for a while, five years more of Sharpie and his sharpshooting ways.  Blackhawks fans are ecstatic to see Sharp and that sniper shot of his on the point of a Blackhawks power play or maybe a little back door action and lets not forget he is also very lethal at the front door as well which will keep opposing defenses in puzzlement for quit some time.  Blackhawk teammates are I’m sure, equally thrilled to not only have his hockey skills but also his prankster ways and leadership as well.  While last year the Hawks did not have the results at the end of the day that they would have liked it demonstrates all the more why a little humor paired with leadership was much-needed for this young team.  I mean who else can referee hockey bros Tazer and Kaner and keep the boys on track.

Patrick Sharp came to Chicago in 2005 from Philadelphia Flyers with not much fan fare.  He came at one of the lowest points in Blackhawk franchise history to a dead organization and stadium that no hockey player would want to go to and no fan in Chicago wanted to go see.  Ah but the times have certainly changed now I doubt Mr. Sharp can step out his front door without media & fans stalking him and he is a big part of the transformation.  It is always nice to see someone reap the rewards of all of their labors.  Sharp is coming off his best year statistically with 34 goals 37 assists 71 points and not only being an All Star but the All Star MVP as well.  Sharps numbers have improved almost every year since coming to the Blackhawks and was well above the leagues averages for forwards this past year.

 1 League Averages Sharpie Numbers differential
Goals 9 34 3.77% higher than avg
Assists 13 37 Amost 3 x’s higher than avg
Points 22 71 Over 3X’s higher than avg
+/- -1 -1 0

Loyalty counts for a lot not only to the Chicago Blackhawks but to the fan base as well.  Patrick Sharp in his own words recently told Cris Kuk of the Chicago Tribune “It’s nice to know that core has won a Stanley Cup,” Sharp said. “You look at players like Toews, Kane, Hossa, (Dave) Bolland (signed through ’14), Seabrook (and) Keith, you know that’s a heck of a start. It’s another one of the reasons I wanted to stay.”2  As a Blackhawks fan I for one am very happy that we will see those one timer sledgehammer shots, newly towelled off disheveled hair, one knee windmill fist swing celebrations, fabled mischievous pranks, devilish smirks continue in Chicago.  As a city we have lots of tourist attractions like the Hancock, Buckingham fountain, Wrigley field, Willis tower, Oak Street Beach, Magnificent Mile but some of the best sights in the entire city can be found on United Center ice and it is reassuring to know that #10-handsome will be on that ice for years to come.

1- stats taken from internet @yahoo sports

2 taken from August 03, 2011|By Chris Kuc, Tribune reporter – article entitled Blackhawks Sharp signs 5-year contract extension ––20110804,0,6376349.story


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