Chicago Bears – 2011 record probably 10-6 but will they make the playoffs? Part II

Chicago, IL — As promised here is Part II with a look at the Chicago Bears schedule post Bye week and also a look into whether or not Bears make the post season.

Chicago Bears Schedule


Sep 11

ATL @ CHI     L


Sep 18

CHI @ NO     L


Sep 25

GB @ CHI      W


Oct 02

CAR @ CHI    W


Oct 10

CHI @ DET    L


Oct 16

MIN @ CHI     W


Oct 23

CHI @ TB      W




Nov 07

CHI @ PHI     L


Nov 13

DET @ CHI    W


Nov 20

SD @ CHI     W


Nov 27

CHI @ OAK    W


Dec 04

KC @ CHI      L


Dec 11

CHI @ DEN    W


Dec 18

SEA @ CHI    W


Dec 25

CHI @ GB     L


Jan 01

CHI @ MIN     W

The second part of the Bears schedule is fairly easy with some exceptions. One of those exceptions is when the Bears travel to Philadelphia to face Michael Vick and the Eagles.  There is no denying that this team improved themselves in free agency but the question will be can they come together as a team because talent sometimes is not enough.  hmm sounds familiar.  Somehow though I believe the Eagles fire power will be too much for the Bears defense and the is no questioning their improvement on defense with the acquisitions of  Jason Babin, Nmamdi Asomugha  coupled with a MNF appearance where they typically have not played their best.  Advantage Eagles

Now we all remember that last years season opener with the Lions at Soldier Field was shrouded in controversy lets home this visit to Soldier Field is not.  Again in a very tight game possibly going to overtime I see the Bears squeaking this game out.  While the Lions are much improved team and ready to take the next stop they are not quite there yet it remains to be seen if QB Matthew Stafford will even be starting at this point in the season.  Also while the Lions defense is formidable I think by this point in the season the Offensive line will have gelled and Cutler and the O should know their strengths and be able to utilize them.  Advantage Bears

Now the San Diego Chargers versus the Bears this year seems a whole lot less intimidating with Ron Rivera not call the defensive plays still the chargers have a formidable Offences and a very good QB in Phillip Rivers who led the league last year with the most passing yards at 4,710.2  Their TE Antonio Gates is on the PUP list which makes the potent O much less imposing.   The Chargers have a lot of disgruntled players, Jackson, McNeill & Merriman that coupled with their traditionally being a poor road team will give the Bears enough of an edge at home.  Advantage Bears

Week 12 sees out Bears out west playing those infamous Raiders who have not looked like their imposing selves for quit a long time and frankly they have not really helped themselves in the off-season either.  The Raiders simply do not have enough fire power on offence even with the pick up of Kevin Boss TE from the Giants there simply is not enough weapons and Jason Campbell is not enough to carry this team on his own.  Oakland still has a way to go to be in the upper echelon of teams.  Advantage Bears

The Chiefs were a big surprise to everyone in the 2010 season, this year they will bring their pounding running game to Soldier Field.  Jamaal Charles is a beast and a duel threat in both the running and passing game and let us not forget Thomas Jones can punish you as well.  Matt Cassel is a solid QB and in early December in Chicago a running game will be enough for the Chiefs to pound the Bears.  The Chief Defense is solid and while not as good as the Bears they will be good enough so the difference will be in the running game.   Advantage Chiefs

Chicago @ Denver I’m sure the Bronco faithfull have this game marked for a while since they still feel jilted by Jay Cutler’s departure.  Tebow or Orton it will not matter either way Denver is a horrible team in the process of transition thanks to ex coach McDaniels.  The Offense will have their way with the Den ver Defense which were statistically the worst in the entire NFL, and the Bears Defense will be able to contain the Broncos Offence without a hitch it might even be embarrassing with Tebow at the helm.  Advantage Bears

Seattle comes back to Soldier Field in a rematch of the NFC Divisional round and the results will be the same.  Matt Hasselbeck now gone the Seahawks have Tarvaris Jackson running the offence which in my mind is an exchange of experience for mobility. The Seahawks had an average offence at best and below average defense last year and have not really improved that much this year.  Advantage Bears

Bears make the short trek to Lambeau Field which is always an entertaining game.  The Packers are pretty much in tact from their Super Bowl season and have the #5 overall defense and passing defense last year in the NFL.  Look for this one to be a close one and given the point in the season there could be plenty of game changing injuries but barring any injuries, I can’t see the defending Super Bowl champs laying one down here especially if there is playoff implications and they can return the favor by keeping the Bears out of the post season.  Advantage Packers

Vikings will wrap up the season and Adrian Peterson is always tough especially at home but as mentioned before this is not the year that the Vikings will be a threat.  By this point in the season that O line should have everything well worked out and the Martz Offence should be flying high.  Also Bears could have playoffs in their sites so I do not see them folding on this one.  Advantage Bears

Post Season – This year I don’t think anyone will argue that the Packers will most probably win the NFC North division title with that being said the Bears will have to sneak in the playoffs as the West, East & South will all have division leaders that will go most probably, Rams, Eagles and either Falcons or Saints.  So that will only leave two spots with one will most definitely come from the South and possible the third could be the Tampa Bay Bucs or from the East.  The Bears will be left to battle it out with either the Tampa Bay Bucs or the Dallas Cowboys.  Yes that is right I said the Cowboys they have a new defensive co-ordinator and his last name is Ryan need I say more.  Dallas will look completely different this year and seem to have a new attitude.  Ironically the game in London vs the Bucs could very well determine who gets in the playoffs based on their head to head record, if that is the case Bears will get in but if the Cowboys finally live up to their expectations it could be another story for our Bears.  Since I have almost all of the Bears loses coming against NFC teams, barring a complete collapse this year by the Cowboys and coupled with a relatively easy schedule for Dallas they will be the team along with the Saints getting in the playoffs leaving the Bears on the sidelines.  The Bears will barely eck out a better record than Detroit this year who I’m envisioning with a 9-7 record.  The Bears best chance to win a Superbowl was unfortunately in 2010 it won’t be in 2011 although I’m hoping I’m wrong.

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