Danny Carcillo – Chicago’s newest weapon on ice.

Chicago, IL — Dan Carcillo could not have landed in a more perfect spot for a professional athlete.  Chicago is the home to the misunderstood athlete.  Don’t believe me, alright I will name you a few – Jay Cutler, Dennis Rodman, Carlos Zambrano, AJ Pierzynski and now add to this list Daniel Carcillo.

I had to laugh when I saw earlier in the week a blog from the Vancouver Sun.  The blog was posted by Harrison Mooney.  The blog was entitled “20 quotes that show Daniel Carcillo is woefully misinformed”. What I found particularly funny is how Vancouver is still obsessed with the Chicago Blackhawks even in the off-season and how they just can’t let things go.

I think if there is anyone misinformed it is Mr. Mooney and must we resort to name calling?  Really?  “Carcillo is a stereotypical goon, right down to the fact that he doesn’t quite exude knowledge and wisdom. When asked about the rivalry with the Canucks in his introductory press conference, for instance, he showed that he wasn’t fully caught up on the offseason roster moves of his new nemesis.”[i]

What is absolutely ridiculous about this is it is coming from the city whose team has the finger biting Burrows on it and a team that has or had “goons” of their own like the ones Carcillo mentioned.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle and besides Danny Carcillo is not a goon. A goon by definition is a stupid person; or a man hired to terrorize or eliminate opponents according to Merriam Webster dictionary. While the second part of this may apply to Carcillo I believe Mr. Mooney was referring to the first part referring to intelligence which is where Mr. Mooney is himself  misinformed.

Don’t underestimate Danny Carcillo’s skills.  All you have to do is look at his backhander against the NY Rangers on 2/20/11 beating a great goalie in Henrik Lundqvist and you can see he does have hockey skills.  Everyone loves to focus on the violence in his game because it is juicy but Carcillo may just be a goon that is very, very crafty.   

Make no mistake Carcillo had been playing hockey long enough to know that too many penalties hurts his team and he also knows that sometimes penalties help his team.  Everyone always points to how many PIMs he racks up each year.  There however are no stats on how many penalty minutes he causes the opposition to take needlessly due to him getting underneath their skins.  It would be very interesting to see this I surmise that he causes more penalties than he takes.

 We’ve also recently seen he is a good teammate by his coming to the defense of former teammates Richards and Carter in the press.  Loyalty counts for a lot and will definitely endear him in Chicago.  He also does not mind mixing it up in and with the media so he should bring lots of interesting sound bites to Chicago.  As a blogger myself I’m quit looking forward to this season and what Mr. Carcillo will bring both on and off the ice to Chicago.  We love our athletes here and so far he has hit a grad slam demonstrating behavior that will be rewarded in Chicago.

1)  Challenging Vancouver and you don’t even have the Blackhawks uni on yet has to appeal to the meatheads in Chicago – myself included.

2) His loyalty to his teammates as noted.

3) His generosity – I recently saw him on Chicago Tribune Live where David Kaplan said he would donate money to charity for every PIM Carcillo took.  What did the “carbomb” do?  Well he said he would match those contribution with donations himself.  applauds, applauds.  How can you not approve this.

4) Knowing his audience – in the recent press conference where Stan Bowman introduced him and Andrew Burnett to Chicago, Carcillo said he could not wait to get in front of the Chicago United Center crowd and feel what it is like to play in that arena.  Chicago has to love that.

So what he didn’t know Torres and Glass were no longer on the Vancouver Canucks. I guarantee no one in Chicago will care about that.  What we will care about is if he takes unnecessary penalties or puts the Hawks in bad penalty killing situations particularly if the NHL institutes the no icing on penalties rule.  Danny Carcillo could end up being one of the best acquisitions in the offseason.  If he can be a 13-18 goal scorer and get others to the penalty box ala Dave Bolland this will be one shrewd low cost pick up for the Hawks.

So Mr. Mooney you may question Danny Carcillo’s intelligence based on past history but are you going to question Mr. Bowman’s intelligence?  Obviously Stan Bowman, Coach Quennville and the Hawks players themselves must see something in Dan Carcillo otherwise he would not be a Blackhawk.  The Hawks have many weapons already like:

  • Patrick Sharp is the perfect marksman with his slapshot
  • Patrick Kane is a just as lethal with knife carving and dissecting defenses with his precise passing abilities
  • Dave Bolland is a master war theoretician like Sun Tzu he flexes his mental psyche on his opponents into making them make foolish mistakes
  • Johnny Toews – the captain and general who strategically wills his line and leads his team to victories.
  • Duncan Keith & Brent Seabrook – who hover the ice like stealth aircrafts reducing the odds of succesful attacks in their zone.
  • Corey Crawford – provides an impenetrable  force field so goals do not get past him

Now add Dan Carcillo  “carbomb” into the Hawks arsenal and what do you have. This remains to be seen. Carbombs can be duds, or they can implode and hurt themselves only or they can explode at precise moments hurting the opposition.  Somehow I have the feeling that Mr. Bowman saw Daniel Carcillo instead of being a carbomb he envisioned him more like a laser guided missile system that is capable of precision devastating hits that render the enemy woosie and retreating.  If these results can happen on the ice Dan Carcillo will not be misunderstood for long in Chicago and really isn’t that the only place where opinions of him matter now.


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  1. Kathy McCabe

    Good intro to one of the new guys on the team.


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