Chicago Blackhawks – Anatomy of a hockey team

Chicago, IL — A hockey team is a living, breathing entity that takes on a persona all of its own. The other day I thought about the anatomy of my favorite NHL hockey team. I came up with the following, see if you agree with me.

Head – now we all know the head is very important it houses our brains and intellect and no one better exemplifies hockey IQ than Patrick Kane. He has such awareness and smarts with the puck there is no questions on the ice that he is the brains of this team. Our brain though also possess the capacity to generate determination and will and no one encapsulates the will of this team more than the captain Jonathan Toews. So with Toews and Kane as our head we start out in pretty good shape.

Shoulders —  and what broad shoulders they are. Keith and Seabrook are definitely the ones taking the load upon themselves not only in minutes on the ice every night but providing defensive stability on the blue line which makes them the shoulders of the team bearing the load whenever they can to help their team out.

Heart — Is there any question who is the heart of this team? Dave Bolland gives this team its grit and grind. There is no question when he is not in the lineup this team seems to be missing it’s pulse. Remember when he returned to the lineup during the playoffs last year the entire series turned around. His tenacious forechecking is always sorely missed when he is out and there is no question he can psyche opponents out with his “Bolly Death Stare”.

Fists – These guys may not have been Blackhawks long but there is no question they will be the might and feistiness of the team. Of course I’m referring to the Carbomb and Jamal Mayers. You have to love the feistiness of the Carbomb when he has not even played a regular season Hawks game and already he has called out the Vancouver Canucks. Mr. Mayers has already danced with former Hawk Jake Dowell so we these guys as the teams fists I doubt this year the Blackhawks will get out muscled.

Guts – No one shows more guts and intestinal fortitude more than Corey Crawford. He never shows any butterflies in the stomach and can take being barraged night in and night out. Last year the defense in front of him was not the best but he was unwavering and in fact won several games with little help. This makes him the guts of the team and boy what a gut check he is.

Legs – The legs provide the body with balance and stability. They are the strong and anchor us. Marion Hossa and Andrew Brunette give this team stability and balance from their experience in the NHL. They are the workhorses of this team and give the Hawks its physical strenghth.

Personality & appearance — humor is said to relieve tension and during a long grueling season a lot of humor is needed. The ability to make others smile or laugh is an invaluable gift and Patrick Sharp the prankster fits the bill perfectly. And while Sharps humor is a beautiful attribute there is no denying his outward appearance provides this team with its confident debonair swagger and its beauty.


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  1. HossaIsDaMosta

    The Anatomy article is OUTSTANDING! (Yes, I am shouting.) It is an interesting and creative analogy. My favorite Hawk is Hossa. Brunette is in second place. It looks like that makes me a “legs woman”!


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