Hey CBC where’s while the women watch?

Chicago, IL — Last week a fire storm erupted on twitter, blogs and in the media over a new broadcast entitled “While the Men watch”.  Yes that is a cheesy sexually charged grabber hoping to catch all of us sexual deviants with its double entendre. WTMW is an internet blog that was recently picked up by the CBC where hosts Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso will be conducting a “girl talk” format during the live broadcast of game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

As a sports fan I had to check out the fuss so I perused their website and blogs. I have to say all the out cries of being sexist & misogynist had me a tad curious. The gals liken their perspective to be that of women. The only comment I’ll make here is that it represents only some women because I know tons of women who actually love sports and could care less about the latest OPI shade of nail polish, and I’m actually one of them.

They are touting their schtick as Sex in the City meets ESPN which I think is inaccurate. To me they are more like Deadspin or Glamore and actually have nothing at all to do with sports. I think this has been done before quit frankly and better. I mean Roseanne Barr and Whoopi Goldberg have nothing to worry about. There is something however, I think is a good concept that could come out of all of this.

Let’s face it sports is entertainment. So why can’t these gals talk about fashion or sex during a hockey or football broadcast? I mean after all, last I looked Canada was a free country right? I think these gals are just trying to cash in on the popularity of their nations biggest sport. Hey being an American I’m all for free enterprise and capitalism. I don’t have a problem with these gals although I do find their material very sexist and a little mean-spirited. Just as women don’t like to be objectified men should not be either. Really girls did you have to take the worst of humanity and use that. Plus they think Kevin Bieksa is hot- ewe. A word to the wise I wouldn’t attempt this with NFL football because NO ONE will be listening to you in the USA.

I mean I have to be honest here. I have thought Kris Letang and Brent Seabrook have great flow and have wondered what hair care products they use. I also am more interested in their +/- numbers, hit totals and blocked shot numbers. On their website they have a blog “Love me like Lundqvist: 5 sex games for hockey season part 1”. Now that sounds more Glamour or Marie Claire to me than it does hockey but they just threw Lundqvists name in there because of the playoffs and NY being the #1 sports market.

While I probably will never listen to their broadcast I’m sure there are plenty out there that will. It also occurred to me that these ladies may actually be onto something here – alternative broadcasting. I mean if the proper format was used why can’t we have women talking about hockey during the game? Hockey broadcasts like all the other major sports only broadcast the action while it is happening in a game that everyone can see right? Since we are seeing this on TV do we need to hear it as well? I mean we are in the age of multimedia and multitasking right? We can watch sports, tweet, chat and entertain all at once no?

Why not talk about other things during the broadcasting. There are endless possibilities that are actually hockey related. When teams go to the penalty box you can talk PIM, PP & PK which teams are best, worst ect and how it effects the game. Talk fantasy hockey and I don’t mean what your man wants to see you wear while he watches a game. Player profiles, Hockey 101, coaches’ pedigrees now that would be something that could push hockey to the forefront beyond the other major sports. Look at tennis they talk during the match but not about what is going on the court when it is going on.

I mean CBC let’s be fair you devote time to this silly programming of “While the men watch “why can’t you have some serious female and male hockey fans talk about this great game that your nation spawned? I guarantee that programming will have more people tuning in and lasting longer than this fad will.  You can talk hockey and entertain without being sexist and giving into stereotypes that are antiquated.

This is why hockey will never overtake football or even baseball for that matter in the United States in popularity; you can’t even promote your sport adequately without resorting to cheap easy gimmicks that probably has insulted every female hockey fan, female hockey broadcasters/reporters/bloggers, hockey moms and sports fans in general. Now do us sports fans a favor give us the alternate broadcasting that is geared towards the serious hockey fan that’s all I’m asking? You might be surprised the returns you get from that show. Who knows it might save your national public broadcasting ass and promote your nations sport across the border too.

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