Hey LA Kings fans get off my goalie – QUICK

Chicago, IL — Now let me make this clear, I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan through and through. I loved nothing more than seeing the Chicago Blackhawks last year oust the defending Stanley Cup Champions in five games to move onto the Stanley Cup Finals against Boston. I am also a hockey fan and love good hockey and hockey players. So why am I blogging about the LA Kings phenom goaltender Jonathan Quick you ask?

Earlier this week the LA Kings were playing against the New York Rangers at the Staples Center in LA and the most unusual hockey mishap happened on the ice but what was more shocking was the LA King fans reaction to their superstar goalie’s miscue.

Jonathan Quick misplayed a puck that was dumped into the LA Kings zone when he unfortunately lost his goalie stick and the puck bounced off of his blocker into his own net. It was unfortunate to say the least but it also illustrates that even weird quirky things happen to arguably the best goaltender in the world. From that perspective us mere mortals can take heart when we have mishaps or just plain old bad days.

For those that missed it below is the link to the NHL site of the gaffe and the crowd reactions.


What was more shocking was how the LA Kings fans reacted by giving their  Vezina candidate, Conn Smyth trophy winning, Stanley Cup Champion goaltender, the Bronx cheer or maybe it is should be called the Hollywood and Vine cheer. Now I hate fans that tell fans how to be fans usually but this really irked me to no end.

LA you do realize that it was Quick who helped bring the Stanley Cup to your city after a 41 year drought?  Remember that? It was not that long ago. Do you recall the 2011 -2012 season?  He was named Conn Smyth trophy winner for a reason he was this teams MVP not only in the playoff but all season long,

Jonathan Quick has a very unorthodox goalie style. Why do I bring this up because he is fun to watch. As a hockey fan, I love seeing  the odd positions he can get himself in and out of. Short of Bruce Lee and maybe Gabby Douglas can anyone get into the splits easier without hurting themselves permanently? Is there a goalie anywhere in the universe with as much flexibility and lightening fast lateral movement?

The man has earned a little leeway in my book and show the guy some respect please. He will be most certainly representing the USA as our goaltender in the Olympics next year in Sochi, Russia. This makes him all of the USA’s netminder and I have to say as an American get off my Goalie’s case. He will be fine and your sarcasm is not needed or appreciated by the rest of us Americans.

Now Chicago is no better we have had our share of media and uneducated fans getting on our own goalie’s case. Corey Crawford not only rose to the occasion he has proved to be one of the most mentally tough goalies in the NHL & could very well face Jonathan Quick at the other end of the ice. A re-match I have to say I am thoroughly looking forward to in Sochi. This time sorry Corey, I will be rooting for Quick.

As a fan to other fans I would ask you, ask yourself these questions before giving the Hollywood cheer in the future to Jonathan Quick or any other hockey player.

1)  What exactly have you sacrificed and dedicated yourself to?

2) Do you never make any mistakes?

3) Is there anything constructive that is being achieved by your actions?

For the meatballs who think that he is a professional athlete that gets paid a lot of money to get treated anyway that fans so choose, I offer this he is also human with feelings. He will make horrible mistakes and bad decisions but he will also make unbelievable saves with game winning results for your team.

I will step down now from my soap box but please LA leave my compatriot alone. Unless you are going to offer something helpful let the professionals do their jobs on the ice and act like a professional fan base with a little bit of class.


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