Chicago Blackhawks – more than a hockey team

Chicago, IL — This past week the Chicago Blackhawks in their “Whats your Goal” campaign moved many Blackhawks fans to tears including myself. I was so moved by that fact that the Blackhawks organization just gets it. Everything in life is about people and assisting others in any small ways that one can.

All professional sports teams give to their selected charities but what is maybe more compelling about the #WhatsYourGoal campaign is that the Blackhawks realize and appreciate their fans and in their own way and ways they can show thanks, demonstrates to me that this truly is a class organization that just understands what life is really all about.

For those who have not seen the latest What’s Your Goal video with the lovely young lady Christina go to their web site or click on link below, I have to warn you to have a box of tissues ready.

Not only are they committing to excellence on the ice but they have individuals throughout the organization that are committing to a greater excellence  – that to humanity.

I am so proud of this team, the players, coaches and the orgainization as whole that I feel as a Blackhawks fan, if they can do these things in the ways that they can shouldn’t we try to in the ways that we can as well do things for humanity?

Coinsidentally, a techie friend of mine sent me an e-mail with this application that is available called Be my Eyes to assist blind and visually impaired people. The application is currently only for Iphone 4S users or IOS7. Android applications are not currently available but in development and should be available shortly.

Below is a YouTube video which explains the applications functions:

Be My Eyes…:

Below is a more complete article on this application that was developed by a man named Hans Jorgen Wiberg who is visually impaired. Thanks to Hans from us all for coming up with this application. I can not think of an easier way to assist someone that truly needs.

If there is interest there are all kinds of charities as well:

Glaucoma Foundation
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Helen Keller International/Childsight
National Federation of the Blind
ORBIS International/Project ORBIS International
Prevent Blindness America/National Society to Prevent Blindness



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