Chicago Blackhawks – All the players heading to camp

Chicago, IL — The Chicago Blackhawks have released their roster for training camp which, will be held this Friday at Notre Dame again and the full roster is on their website. What makes this year different is several things.

The largest question was would Patrick Kane be at camp and how would the Blackhawks handle this with an ongoing investigation surrounding Kane. I intentionally have stayed away from this subject because there is so much misinformation and speculation in the media and social media I was frankly appalled.

For professional journalists to push agendas and try and sell newspapers, radio shows ect at the expense of peoples lives, reputations and livelihoods was/is disgusting.

There were many that flocked to tell the Blackhawks what they should and shouldn’t do with Kane.

Thankfully the Blackhawks are a smart organization that does not listen to the noise from the outside and others agendas which is why they are one of the best professional sports organizations.

I’m sure there were plenty of lengthy thoughtful discussions that went into this decision and it was not arrived at lightly.

And before I get scalded, yes I am a Blackhawks fan which means I support the team, all of the team, of which Patrick Kane is still apart of.

More importantly though I am a bigger fan of truth, justice and due process. To judge someone without all the facts is simply dangerous and irresponsible.

The Blackhawks had no other choice but to let Kane attend camp as he has not been charged by the law of anything, so if and until he is which may never happen, he must be given the benefit of the doubt and the support of his organization, league and teammates.

As a fan I trust the Blackhawks are making the right decision for the organization & I must trust our legal system as far as determining if in fact anything Illegal occurred.

It will be a scary day when we start assuming a persons guilt based on accusations and speculation without knowing all of the facts first.

To those that say it will be a circus, it will be regardless if Kane is present or not. Actually your not giving the Hawks enough credit. They know how to deal with the media and to let one of your own burn because of PR ramifications what does that say about your organization? You bale on someone, one of your own, when the going gets tough?

If people thought that, you don’t watch or know the Blackhawks well enough. When have they ever backed down from challenges or hard times. Granted they have never faced anything like this before but it’s good to see they stand by their players. This just proves to me why they are an organization I can stand behind proudly.

I don’t look for the Blackhawks or any of their players to be my moral compass but I certainly don’t look to the media either or fans and neither should anyone else.

The Blackhawks are a professional hockey team and their focus is to field the best team possible and there is no question they are a better team with Patrick Kane than without him.

The trade talks are ludicrous without any charges and IF there are any they will not be able to trade him anyway so this talk is silly so please stop.

Yes I suppose they could trade him once all the dusts settles but honestly why would they? No I don’t think he is bigger than the team but honestly if he is found innocent they would be foolish to let his talents go.

For those fans that were incensed at Jonathan Toews comments really? Everyone got to voice their opinions and most do not know either Kane or the accuser so why do you get to voice your opinions but Toews can’t and he at least knows one of the parties? There was nothing wrong with what Toews said and as a captain I would expect him to say something.

You have to have some faith in people and at this point without facts and so many unknowns you have to proceed like business as usual until things change one way or the other.

The Blackhawks have scheduled a press conference tomorrow at 2pm Central time and I’m sure they will be addressing everything head on which, is the right thing to do.

Agree with their decision or not make no mistake it was their decision alone to make with the NHL & NHLPA not the medias or fans.

As far as Kane being a distraction, my media friends, only if you make him the entire story. Personally I am focusing on the new players, line combinations, player development and coaching.

The PTO’s that are there and their chances of making the team. How hard do you think it will be to repeat or stay fresh? That is what I would be asking.

The only thing I’m focusing on with Patrick Kane is how he looks with Anisimov as his center and I’m hoping Panarin on the opposite wing.

The one thing I do know is what my mother always used to say in hard or bad times “This too will pass”. In the meantime let the puck drop and here is to the best team in hockey trying to accomplish something that has not been done since the 1990s. Let’s keep the Cup.


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