Chicago Blackhawks – Inking in another leader for awhile

Seabs practice


Chicago, IL — The only thing that will be different this year with number 7 on the Chicago Blackhawks is his jersey will now don a A after being named assistant captain.

The other very good news from last night for Hawks fans was that the Blackhawks extended Brent Seabrook’s contract for another eight years starting next season.

Every Blackhawks fan should be happy to keep Seabrook in Chicago for quit a long time. Players like Seabrook are not easily found and had he have went to free agency he would have been gone or cost a lot more for sure.

Forget his physical size, to be respected and looked up to by a locker room filled with leaders is a testament to what a great leader and teammate Seabrook is and speaks volumes to his value to the organization.

As a fan, I have always admired him not only as player and the way he plays but how he comports himself off the ice.

He always is leading the charge and has demonstrated a positive attitude and team first demeanor. He always works hard and seems to know when his team needs him the most.  It is one of the reasons he has always been my favorite player. Let us not forget either, Seabrook along with Keith were in Chicago in the dark times so to see him rewarded is fitting.

The thought that Seabrook will retire a Blackhawks most likely along with Duncan Keith should keep the Hawks competitive for a very long time. Champions and Championships are still determined by defense as we saw throughout last years Stanley Cup run.

Everyone, fans, media and other teams kept asking the question can a banged up defense, granted anchored by three world-class defenseman be enough to win a Stanley Cup? Well as we all know now the answer was yes. The three world-class Dmen though are not only great hockey players with extraordinary hockey skills they are superhuman physically as we found out to wink wink.

More importantly they possess something maybe even more impressive than their hockey skills. They know how to win and what it takes to win and they never back down or away from any challenge, in fact they not only embrace it, they own it.

Brent Seabrook has really always been like this it’s just people started to take notice a couple of seasons ago in the Detroit Red Wings series when he settled down and led maybe one of the greatest leaders in the NHL. That spoke volumes as to the type of leader Seabrook is and what kind of team-mate he is and how much of a pulse he has on the Blackhawks and what they need in the locker room and on the bench. Priceless.

It was another easy decision for Stan Bowman and the Blackhawks to give Seabrook and extension probably one of the easiest this organization has had to make.

You also as a fan have to love how Seabrook in speaking to the media said “I’ve got a lot of winning left to do”.  That attitude pretty much sums up him as a player and team-mate. The Blackhawks now with the blue line solidified give the Hawks a chance to win Stanley Cups every year which should thrill fans. You know he will be doing everything he can to get this team in position to win Cups within his powers.

On a personal note it is good also to see in this day and age  that the Keith/Seabrook brotherhood can continue on the ice in Chicago. The chemistry and the balance they bring to the blue line is something that only comes with time so why lose that if you don’t have to. They have remained loyal to Chicago and the Hawks so it is only fair that the favor be returned.

As Stan Bowman said if the Blackhawks didn’t have Brent Seabrook they would be looking for a player like him so why not just keep him here. Bravo Blackhawks and Stan Bowman for keeping not only a great defenseman here but a great leader which maybe actually harder to find. The league has some great defenseman but how many of them have three Stanley Cups and counting? Not many if any.

Brent Seabrook


As we have all witnessed he is clutch especially in moments that are the most crucial and that in another intangible that can not be replaced.

Congratulations to Brent Seabrook on getting the A officially on the jersey even though you were in spirit and to the extension it is well-earned and deserved. As a Blackhawks fan I am thrilled for you and to see you remain on anchoring Chicago’s defense. Have a great season!







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