Chicago Blackhawks – The banner is raised, a new season begins & new Hawks to love

Chicago, Il — Last night the Chicago Blackhawks celebrated with the fans the banner raising at the United Center and put an exclamation point on the 2014-15 season in a magical night.

The Blackhawks are retooled and reloaded to try and accomplish something that has not been done in awhile – repeat as Stanley Cup Champions.

Their road will hard for sure but if there is any team that can do it it is the Hawks. They got off to a rough start dropping their season opener to the New York Rangers but after an emotional ceremony it is understandable.

Some take aways from the game:

The new Hawks will need to catch up with systems and just how the Hawks do things. This may take some time especially for the defenseman.

New Hawks defenseman from the Dallas Stars, Trevor Daley has noticeable offensive talent. It may take him some time to get the Hawks system on D down.

The Hawks needed to get their legs under them which hopefully won’t be the case going forward.

Again the Hawks had a missed call by officials which, hopefully this doesn’t continue all season long. If it does this could be a long season. The Hawks though have to take some blame they should not have put themselves down that early and probably won’t going forward.

The line of Panarin, Anisimov & Kane were lethal and are finding chemistry quickly, maybe even quicker than anyone had thought. It also seems this line truly enjoys playing with one another. This should make the rest of the NHL very scared.

Teuvo Teravainen for not playing a good game in his words still impacted the game. If he continues to do this and takes more control of the puck again look out.

Ryan Garbutt has impressed with his speed and positioning especially defensively that many probably ddn’t anticipate. We all knew he had the grit but there is more skill there than many knew.

Coach Q didn’t sound too upset after the game and for a guy that loves to win that’s saying a lot. I do think though this game he gave everyone a long leash but going forward I don’t see that continuing as he knows it is imperative the Hawks are in a good position come December break if they are to repeat.

What has me excited is the two young guns Teuvo Teravainen and Artemi Panarin. It will be good to see how much more Teuvo develops throughout the year. We all saw in the playoff how much he grew and for that development to continue is exciting for Blackhawks fans.

Teuvo is on the top line with Toews and Hossa for now at wing. If he stays there or gets moved to Center will be something to watch going forward. In either position Teuvo is a playmaker with a deceptive shot.

Artemi Panarin may not speak English well at this point, but it seems he and Patrick Kane speak the same hockey language and that’s all that matters. If they ever really do understand each other verbally woo buddy look out.

Even though you don’t speak Russian you can see both on and off the ice Panarin has the “IT” factor. He is personable in any language and can shine if he just continues developing and learning. He has the wow factor and came to the right team to showcase it.

Panarin is going to be thrilling for fans to watch. Chicago is spoiled with having witnessed some great talents including his linemate Patrick Kane now to have both of them together seems surreal. Welcome to Chicago kid.

Artem Anisimov is making this line gel both verbally and with getting the puck to these two magicians. He too has the opportunity to maybe get more offensive props being on a line with those two.

The core is still the core which again is great for the Hawks and maybe not so much for the other teams.

This year most definitely will be a challenge with every team gunning for them. As we all saw last year with the LA Kings if your not careful you can miss the playoff completely so the task now is just to make the playoffs and worry about everything else later.

It will be interesting as well to see what line combos come out of the Q blender throughout the year. I know some Hawks fans get upset but I find it rather interesting. You have to see what you have and how players click or don’t.

Special teams will be a work in progress both the PP and PK so that will be interesting to see as well in practices. I believe today it was reported that a PP unit of Panarin, Tikhonov, Teravainen, Anisimov and Daley were looked at and this is what makes line mixing and blending fun to see what clicks.

In any event the Blackhawks are back which makes this Hawks fan thrilled. GO HAWKS!













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