Chicago Blackhawks – Kane/Panarin big winners in Vegas

Chicago, IL — Last night the NHL held their annual awards to wrap up the 2015-2016 season and it was no surprise that both Patrick Kane and line mate Artemi Panarin left Las Vegas with several awards.

Congratulations to both and let me say it was a thrill watching you guys and your insane skills all season long. I was very much entertained as was all of Chicago.

Artemi Panarin came away with the Calder Memorial Trophy for being the Rookie of the Year and it was not even close.

Panarin was visibly happy and is living proof to never give up on your dreams and that with hard work and sacrifice and belief in yourself anything is possible.

Seeing his smile makes you smile and overcoming the odds to make it to the highest stage and get recognized makes it all worth it.

If you think of all it took Panarin to come not only to the NHL but the US and overcoming language, cultures and game styles and to do so brilliantly and seemingly smoothly is a testament to Panarin’s desire and competitive edge.

Panarin is a perfect fit for the Blackhawks he is with a team & fan base that can appreciate his talents and let’s face it the boys personality is just delightful.

His charm is something that does need to be shared with the world. I know Russia wants him there but he’s too precious to not be shared.

The best part is he will only get better which is really exciting for Hawks fans and Russian fans.

Personally I can’t wait to see what he and linemates Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov do this year. It will be tougher no doubt as everyone now knows what to expect. So expect less ice and time and space but as we see Panarin and that line will find ways I would bet on it.

Now the big hauler of the night was Patrick Kane walking away with the Ted Lindsey Award, Art Ross and the Hart Memorial Trophy and he deserved them all.

Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for Kane either, there is no quit in Kane. There really isn’t much to say about Kane that hasn’t already been said.

What impresses me is his respect, knowledge and love of the game of hockey. This probably was instilled by PK Sr., who he gave a I love ya Dad which even the most jaded had to love.

His constant desire to improve himself and his skills even with all of his success is why Hawks fans love this guy. He is always working for the Hawks.

Kane has always been an extraordinary talent but he is now consistent which is hard to do when everyone is gunning for you.

As a Blackhawks fan you have to love these guys crazy skills and you just know this year they will work even more to improve their line.

Both Kane & Panarin gave props rightfully so, to Anisimov who was the glue on that line. You gotta have net front presence which Anisimov provides.

We in Chicago know how great these guys are but its nice to see the league realizes it too. So congrats again boys on stellar seasons, can’t wait to see what else you boys come up with.

Now is it October yet?




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