2016 World Cup of Hockey, the future of hockey?

Chicago, IL — I have to admit I was one of the people who thought this tournament was pointless, but now having watched the tourney mostly in it’s entirety I have to also admit I was wrong on several counts.

Congrats to Team Canada you were the best and still are.

That was one of my objections. That it would be wrote with Canada winning everything and that sports is not supposed to be predictable, otherwise it is not fun to watch.

Yes Canada did win and was far and away the best most complete team, but what I didn’t count on was how thrilling Team North America would be. Or Team Europe their professionalism, passion and impact on perhaps the world as a whole far out weighed the eventuality of Canada winning.

We are also witnessing the golden age of Canadian hockey, enjoy it Canada I have a feeling the world will catch up soon.

I have to say probably the most thrilling games to watch as a fan was the games Team North America played against Sweden and Russia.

That three on three was insane and so much fun to watch thank you NHL and players for that.

The game against a long time powerhouse in Russia even though North America fell short, was at a pace that we normally to not see and team Russia was right there so thank you both for that.

Team North America captured the youth of a continent and shows the future of what this game can be and maybe should be – speed and skill and maybe a lot of abandon of fears.

If they inspired young children to watch or better yet play hockey even better. This team was so easy to get behind because of the passion and skills that were allowed to be unleashed wereon display. The only problem was I wanted more.

NHL you addicted me and then forced me into a cold turkey withdrawal why why? I want to see McDavid, McKinnon with Matthew, Eichel, Saad or Gaudreau and I’m now feeling I may never see this again and I am very sad.

And I know Team North America is not what the NHL is, oh but if it only could be, then again that is what made it so special and this tournament different from all the rest including the Olympics.

It also did illustrate how great three on three hockey can be and that the NHL does have.

Now I don’t have anything to go on but my hunch is that team North America actually sold the most in merchandise sales in Canada. I don’t know this for a fact but I’m betting they actually boosted the merchandise sales by a bunch just based on the shirseys I saw in the ACC stands.

Team Europe may do for smaller European hockey country players what Team North America did for youth.

If one person in non traditional hockey countries watched and will continue to watch or think hey I would like to play hockey or possible make the NHL then this is far from meaningless.

Coach Krueger we are not worthy. You brought together a group of players that never played together and put them in a position to win against a hockey powerhouse.

This team also gave players from countries that do not normally get to compete at this high level internationally and boy they seized their opportunities. Well done.

Also don’t tell any of these players or coaches this was meaningless and maybe that is another take away from this.

Hockey players regardless of what country they come from or play for or their age have one thing in common, they love to play hockey and watching their joy and skills make watching hockey fun.

If you enjoy international hockey you still had to enjoy teams Canada, Russia, Chech Republic, Sweden and Finland compete for their countries. I actually bought a team Russia Panarin shirt and I’m American but I am a Blackhawks fan and hockey fan.

Ah team USA the biggest disappointment by far, still leaves one with hope. That hope is Kane, Pavelski, Matthews, Gaudreau et al. As long as management selects the right roster and coaching USA hockey will be just fine.

Please get out of the Neanderthal hockey mindset and do us all a favor, speed, skill and yes some grit but not all next time.

Next tournament I’m betting the USA will have much better results.

What I was happy to hear was Commissioner Bettman say there will be a 2020 World Cup. I’m glad to see the NHL is sticking with this.

One outing is not enough to judge success on. I think you need to stick with this it takes time to reach the entire world especially if your looking to capture the east & China.

The other great thing was seeing the NHL partner with someone other than NBC in the states. I think you need multiple media outlets ala the NFL.

Was ESPN perfect, no but I did love the ref cams, the technology that was used with player tracking and I love, love,love the multicam. That multicam makes you feel like you are on the ice with the players well done ESPN.

Again this should be the future of hockey broadcasting. Since hockey wants to reach a younger and maybe more international audience the multicam can  be appreciated regardless of language that one speaks.

Please NHL you need to have your local markets in the USA have the ability to be streamed wifi on mobile devices as well as TV and radio broadcasts. This is the future people are always on the go and we rarely are by TV’s any more so please look into this thanks.

The digital advertising along the boards was not as bad or distracting as I thought. If it brings in more revenue to the league or increases the salary cap I’m all for it as a Chicago Blackhawks fan I know all too well the cap crunch and anything that can be done I’m all for it.

I’m glad they will be opening up the event to other cities to bid I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Toronto there were empty seats for the supposed hockey hot bed the bed was cold.

Now I realise the Blue Jays were playing but come on this was Team Canada playing for a championship.

I hope that by cities this also includes international cities as well and if the tourney is played on big ice so be it. If you really want this to be the “World” Cup you have to be able to play everywhere in my opinion.

I hope teams North America and Europe stay in the format and if not then maybe a Ryder Cup or Continental Cup event with North America vs all European nations.

I don’t know you’d have so many players maybe make it a 23 and under for each side, a regular team for each side with side Alumni games being played. I don’t know NHL you’ll figure this out with the NHLPA.

I know purists did not like that this included North America and Team Europe as gimmicks but it made the tournament much more competitive.

The NHL is trying to sell this game around the world and the more competitive it is the better in my opinion.

It was more competitive than the Olympics with teams that are not hockey hotbeds. I still think the Olympics are a different thing and whether or not the NHL players go is an entirely different topic.

For those that don’t like the World Cup or a Ryder Cup well, all I can say is take a look at the below video.

What’s not to like if you like hockey at all. NHL, the tournament was not perfect but your on the right track keep with it please for all of us that love this game.





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