Chicago Blackhawks – Closing in on the Central title and getting a new face

Chicago, IL — We are definitely in the home stretch now so every point is huge but to get points against your divisional foe that you are chasing and coming out victorious can only be described is sweeeeetttttt.

My last blog was about chasing down the Wild for the division title and I said if the Hawks wanted a chance at the division they needed to beat the Wild in their remaining games in regulation. At that time there was two games left and mission accomplished.

The Hawks are still a force to be dealt with. What is really amazing is this last game was probably not the Hawks best game overall as a team but they still won against a very good opponent.

Corey Crawford is starting to look like the pre-appendix Crawford and that should make Hawks fans happy.

Not five minutes into the game and Devon Dubnyk got pulled due to a quick strike by the second line. First Kane struck from a great Oduya to Panarin to Kane pass in the slot that got past Dubnyk.

Not sure why they pulled Dubnyk and how it effects the team going forward as you could see he was not happy being pulled. I can’t say as I blame him. Now it may have been to shake up the entire team which it did temporarily but you have to wonder in the third period if they shouldn’t have had their best goalie in.

In post game presser Bruce Boudreau said Dubnyk was pulled based on his play not the teams play alrighty then this will be a situation to watch. All I know is Scott Darling now lead the league in save % ahead of Dubnyk.

Then Kane returned the favor to the Breadman with a perfect pass to the Breadman in the slot where he did a beauty of a one timer. Not that Panarin needs my feedback but lil muffin start firing up those biscuits from all over the ice it will make you less predictable.

This duo and that line is so much fun to watch. Boys you are a thrill to be sure.

I also love how Patrick Kane who admittedly did not have good puck management in the Detroit Red Wings game came out and you could tell he wanted to make a difference and he did. You know what that is right?

Leadership and Ownership. Good on you Kaner that is why he is a 3X Stanley Cup Champion.

As a team the Hawks just need to watch your puck management in the neutral zones and definetly in your end and play 60 minutes and you’ll keep racking up points.

During the game the Hawks on the ice weren’t the only ones working early Sunday, Stan Bowman signed Yale graduate John Hayden to a two year ELC. One year of which will be burned if he plays with the Hawks this year.

It sounds like he will be coming straight to the Hawks. Now I have seen Hayden personally in prospect camps and the kid is big, powerful and skilled. He has some really good hands for a big guy.

In any event the Hawks just got what could be a young power forward for the wing and they are starting to look loaded both up front and on the back end.

Will the Hawks win the division? Who knows but I really like their chances and again it won’t be a disaster if they don’t.

The Hawks still have not seen a complete Wild team as Hanzel was out not sure why and again the Hawks basically faced their back-up goalie so if these two teams do meet in the playoffs the Hawks need to keep that in the memory banks.

Also in the Wilds post game presser you could tell Boudreau was visibly frustrated and not pleased. Don’t feel bad Coach a lot of teams, coaches and fans feel that way after playing the Chicago Blackhawks.

I always crack up on twitter how many profanities are slung at the Hawks like that would slow them down. I find it all amusing HA.

Right now the Hawks are going on a game every other day pace and a lot on the road which is a great tune up before the playoffs. Just keep grinding boys, stay healthy and have fun.

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