Chicago Blackhawks – Know nothing

Chicago, IL — Last week I posted a blog how spectacular that week was for the Hawks so this week while meh and trends that could be concerning was still good all things considered.

The Hawks picked up 5 points out of a possible 8 all coming from the friendly comforts of the United Center.

The last game in Florida was about as horrendous a game as I’ve seen the Hawks play in a long while and possibly the most important out of all the games .

The Blackhawks have been treading some bad waters and were getting away with it until last night when things caught up to them. They were in a bad habit of not playing or being in games until desperation set in the end,

The dangerous thing was they still were able to pull out points but that is not how you want to win or get in the habit of thinking you can win like that all the time.

So while the last 10 – 15 minutes of the games against the Avs, Stars and Canucks were thrilling it is good that they lost in such an embarrassing fashion to the Panthers because this way of playing had to stop before the playoffs.

I’m a big television series fan and while this last week has made the Hawks look like they were in their own versions of the Walking Dead it is another series I look to for them going forward.

As I have said before on this blog I am a huge Game of Thrones fan for several reasons. Spoiler alert****

It’s unconventional in its storytelling as heroes get killed, honorable men are not safer than dishonorable ones and in fact maybe more at risk of death.

Women for their time are way ahead of themselves and are as strong, vital and as flawed/corrupt as their male counterparts.

Perhaps though what intrigues me the most is of course Jon Snow’s storyline. While it is the typical hero story arc the character development and surrounding cast are complex and profound.

The bastard to the world, the outsider with no lands, titles or inheritance, who unbeknownst to him and this same world, is the true King of the realm by birth rights.

There is a common saying people say time and again to Jon Snow “you know nothing” and this could be referencing his lack of understanding of his heritage it could also mean he is wise enough to know he needs to learn more about a lot of things.

What makes this fascinating is again the premise that it’s not who we think we are  or where we come from or our heritage that defines us. It is our actions in the here and now that determines who we are and what we will become in the future and our legacy to the world.

Jon Snow manages against everything to still become King of the North as a bastard because of his actions and earning his way to being a good leader, not who his parents were. Would Jon Snow be Jon Snow if he knew of his heritage?

Of course not. He would be an entirely different person with different experiences or he might already be dead killed by his enemies if they only knew who he really was.

What am I getting at? Well the Blackhawks must forget their heritage and pedigree of former Stanley Cup Champions and go into the playoffs with hunger, energy and the desire to go the distance as if this were the first time.

You have to work for what you want and it will not be easy as there are no short cuts. No one will give you anything.

They must forget who they are and what they accomplished in the past because that is where it is – in the past. The here and now must be their focus and the tasks at hand they need to do to obtain their goal.

Respect your opponents because they certainly respect you enough to want to knock your heads off. The targets are still on your back remember that. Every team looks at you as the gold standard in the modern era.

Know that you are not perfect and in these last games use it as an opportunity to work on faceoffs, special teams, establishing net front presence working on shot selection and please for the love of God do not keep hanging your goalies out to dry.

Play better defense as a team and work on your defensive positioning without the puck as well as puck management. Remember core the youth on this team is looking to you for leadership.

Listen to the coaches. Coach Q said I believe it was after the Avs game that you could not play like this and keep getting away with it. Whether its complacency or fatigue or lack of practice no one is sure but get it together and focus there is only seven games left. Close it out strong.

Learn from the Wild, Sharks ect and your own selves with the mistakes that are being made.

We all know the refs have been getting a lot of calls wrong lately in all the games and know this there will be wrong calls made in the playoffs too. Move on and don’t get frustrated. You want to get the refs back score a goal – channel the frustrations.

So forget who you are and what you accomplished in the past those days are gone however, there is an opportunity to further cement your legacy.  Play hard, clean and remember what a very wise man said a long long time ago:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  – – Socrates

But what do I know. I know I know nothing. GO HAWKS!



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