Chicago Blackhawks – Take on IIHF Worlds

Chicago, IL — Now that the Chicago Blackhawks are no longer in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs the opportunity has opened up for some of the Hawks to attend the IIHF Men’s World Championships held in Cologne, Germany and Paris, France.

At least we get to see some of our favorite hockey players continue to play. I for one am more interested in this tournament than the NHL playoffs as a big fan of international hockey.

There will be five Blackhawks attending and representing four different teams.

Team Czech Republic will have Michal Kempny

Team Russia will have our favorite breadman Artemi Panarin

Team Sweden will have Marcus Kruger

Team USA will have Nick Schmaltz and Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Good Luck to all but you know I have to root for team USA but wishing all good luck and stay healthy.

The first games will be on Friday starting with a good one between teams Russia and Sweden followed up by team USA vs Germany and lastly team Canada vs Team Czech Republic so we will be able to see all of the Hawks the first day running.

Teams Russia and Canada should be the powerhouses in this tourney but one never knows. You can never count out team USA or Sweden and there could be some unknown team that goes on a run which is why the international stage has never been more wide open or competitive.

To get a full roster listing of all the teams go to

I will try to keep blogging throughout this tournament of what our Blackhawks are doing for their teams so stay tuned. With the NHLers not being present at the 2018 Olympics this maybe one of the few international tournaments where you can catch NHLers.

In the United States broadcasts of all the teams will be able to be viewed on NHL Network for those of us who unfortunately can not make it to Cologne or Paris.

Huge props to the NHL Network they finally are showing all types of hockey events which I personally feel is great not only for the game but for the NHL as well. The more people tuned in the more fans you may nab.

In my opinion the first game between Sweden and Russia should be a really good barometer of how this whole thing could play out and the tempo of the games.

As a Blackhawks fan I am curious to see if Team Russia will re-unite Artemi Panarin with his old KHL SKA team line mates Evegii Dadanov and Vadim Shipachyov. If so there could be instant chemistry there so look out.

Russia is stacked up front but Sweden is stacked on the blue line so this is a great tournament kick off match. Can’t wait to watch.

Also really looking forward to seeing further development for Nick Schmaltz and TVR every experience will only serve them well. Good Luck boys.

And again Good Luck to all GO USA!


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